Claremont Park
Brent Cross Town

Claremont Park brings new life to a green space with over 300 mature new trees, imaginative play facilities, water features, nature trails and a new community-run Kiosk

Designed by Townshend Landscape Architects and HTA Design, with Estudio MIX as Planting design consultant, its design has been guided by a set of principles which include encouraging social spaces; improving connectivity; being accessible and inclusive; and creating real opportunities for play, leisure, exercise and sport. By transforming the existing space these principles have been brought to life in the creation of a beautiful local park, with variety of spaces and facilities for relaxation, play and socialising that will attract a wider range of people to the park, enabling it to become a core part of the emerging neighbourhood.

The planting palette is composed of a mixture of fruiting native and woodland trees, evergreen and decidious shrubs and wildflower meadows. 


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