At the heart of MIX practice is well-researched planting design informed by context and curated to produce resilient and inspiring schemes. 

Whatever our project and regardless of its size, our philosophy remains the same. We adhere to the principle that context is king, and our design decisions are always led by the site, its surroundings, and our responses to it. The landscapes we create are worlds of their own that strike profound conversations with their surroundings.

MIX undertakes commissions at every scale. We work with clients around the world, from urban gardens in L.A. to ancient historic sites in Toledo, from stately homes in Spain to public parks in Zurich, and from large retail schemes in Madrid to not-for-profit social & environmental projects in London.

We enjoy the journey to making special places for and with our clients. We take all the time necessary to evaluate and ensure we understand the needs of each project. And we keep that dialogue going as the project evolves in order to maintain consistent quality in delivery.

We strive to make beautiful landscapes and we aspire to work with a light touch laying no heavier a load on the earth than is necessary.